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#TravelTuesdays Paris: Canal Saint-Martin

Today on our virtual trip to Paris, we’re going to spend a lovely morning exploring Canal Saint-Martin! Located in the 10th arrondissement, the canal is definitely worth checking out. Nearby is a famous boulangerie, Du Pain et des Idées, where you’ll find the most mouthwatering, perfectly flakey and buttery selection of pastries. I recommend stopping by there to pick up a croissant (or anything they’re selling honestly) and a coffee on your way to the canal—trust me, you do not want to skip this part!

The neighborhood has so many places to discover. You can stop in Artazart for an amazing selection of art and design books, or head to Antoine et Lili for bright and eclectic home decor and fashion. The streets around the canal are full of cute boutiques and restaurants, so if you have the time, spend the rest of your morning wandering around!

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Safe travels,



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